Monday, November 24, 2008

Romance Scarf

I call this my romance scarf because I made it with yarn that was the same colors as my wedding colors.

Materials needed:
worsted weight yarn
H hook

Gauge is not important in this pattern.

Do not weave in ends. Finish off each color at the end of a row. The end can be worked into the fringe if it is long enough.

Special stitches:
V Stitch (dc, chain 1, dc) in same stitch

Foundation Chain is in multiples of 3. Chain to desired length. (I did it lengthwise because it works up a lot faster.)

Chain desired length.
Row 1: Work V stitch in 4th chain from hook, skip the next 2 chains, V stitch in next stitch, work across to last 2 stitches. Dc in last stitch, chain 3, turn.
Row 2: Work V stitch in first chain 1 space and in each ch 1 space across. Dc in the top of the turning chain.
Repeat row 2 until you have the desired width. Change colors as desired. In this pattern, I had three rows of cream, two of purple and three more of cream. When you change colors, leave a long length to be worked into the fringe (no weaving in the ends!). Finish off each color if you want or just leave the last two loops on the hook and pull the new color through. It really doesn't matter how you do it.

You can work a round of single crochet around the scarf if you want (I did), just work around the loose ends. Put fringe in the desired stitches (I did it in every other stitch) and work the loose ends into the fringe, pulling tight, but do not pucker your work.

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